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There just comes a point...

In the time this game has been running, I've been telling people, "If the game is no longer any fun, then it's time to leave." And also making a big deal of telling people there's no shame in leaving, there's more shame in staying and not being willing to update or do anything for the game.

That time seems to have come with me. For some reason, I cannot find the inspiration I used to have for this game. I've tried, and maybe it's working the new job, maybe it's because the weather is so hot, but I just can't do it. I should be organizing the WMAC, updating, and I just can't seem to bring myself to do it.

I think it's time I took my own advice and bowed out.

Which leaves me with a lot of journals and information left. I could just delete most of the journals, or leave them empty, but that doesn't seem right either. Maybe there are other folks who'd like to give this game a shot again.

So, I'm going to do this... if anyone knows anyone who might want to take over as GM for this game, have them contact me. I'll turn over the journals and the passwords. I'll contact all the offline folks I know to get passwords as well.

I know this is going to disappoint a lot of folks, and I'm really sorry, but I just can't seem to bring myself to get excited about this again. I have to admit, I've enjoyed not worrying about the game. I've enjoyed being able to spend time away from the computer without feeling guilty that I'm not working on the game.

If someone did want to take over as Gokou and run the game, I'd probably be more happy playing a character or two, but at this point, I'm not even sure of that.

I'm sorry I let people down. But, this game just isn't doing it for me. There are still a few loose ends I might tie up by writing short stories about various characters, but other than that, I think I'm leaving the game behind.

Like I said, if you know anyone who might want to take it over, or if you want to take it over and play GM, let me know.

I know I'm leaving everyone in a lurch, but... I'm taking my own advice. It's just not fun for me anymore. So it's time I left. The game ran for over a year, pretty strong, and that's not bad for an LJ game.

If anyone wants to keep in touch with me, my real life journal is darqstar. I don't update every single day, but I've been trying to hit it more regularly than I used to. My AIM name is darqustar.

Best of luck to everyone. And again, I'm sorry I let people down.
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