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Just keeping folks into the loop....

So far, these are the characters I know want to start up again...

1: Jewel
2: Piper
3: BJ
4: Gokou
5: Tapion
6: Goten
7: Vegeto
8: Tanomi
9: Bulma

People that know I'm going to be starting the game up again, but are still undecided if they can/want to play

1: Vezlelay
2: Vegeta
3: Raditz
4: King Vegeta
5: Kia
6: Panbonkin

I'm pretty sure I can convince Kia and Vegeta to come back, if I can convince them the posting presure is off of them. *g* So far, they aren't convinced that I won't be on their backs to get them to post.

Okay, if anyone knows how to get in touch with anyone else who was in the game before and let them know what's going on, can you please pass the word along? And anyone who's not interested in playing again, please send me the password for your journals so I can put them up for "adoption" again.

Sounding like a broken record time again. I'm going to stress that when I start up again, I refuse to let it become the headache it was to me the last time. I admit, when I was playing tirant and people were posting more, it did make the game more interesting, but it was a lot of trouble and grief for me. And it resulted in me riding the wrong people to make up for others. "C'mon Vegeta, can't you post every day?" "C'mon Raditz, you can post more than twice a week!" Believe it or not, I really hate being a bitch. So, I just won't do it. If people want to post 5 times a week, that's wonderful. If people only want to post once a week, I'm not going to squawk about it. And if you're character is involved with someone who doesn't post as often as you would like them to, I'm going to leave it to the players to try to motivate them to post more.

But, I'm still not going to let people hog characters and never play them either. I'm going to make it simple. If you don't post once a week or so, and you haven't given me a valid reason, you're out of the game. No questions asked. I have enough codes that I'll remake journals if I have to. And I'm not going to take people in the game who *constantly* need time off. Posting once a week is not difficult.

Of course with lax rules, this will make plotting a bit harder for me. So, if I do come up with a major plot and ask for volunteers, I will expect people to post more while the "plot" is taking place, just as I did before. So, if you sign up for a "plot" know that you're obligating yourself to post more often. If you don't want to post more often, don't sign up.

I'm still trying to get into the swing of things at work. Right now, I have one more test to take. 100 questions, and I have to get 85% of them right. And I'm a bad test taker, so I'm really nervous about that. If I pass the test, I'm done with my training. If I don't, I have to train another week and I take the test again. *sigh* So, I know it's a stupid waitress job, but it's important to me and right now, my brain is spending all its free time going over the menu in my head. (And this place has a menu that is several *pages* long... and that doesn't even cover the alcohol list, which is another 8 pages in itself) Also, my mother is recovering from surgery on her hip and I've been trying to go and visit her more often. So, I'm not quite ready to start having Gokou post yet.

That doesn't mean that other folks can't post if they don't feel like it. You don't have to wait for Gokou to post. Trust me, I want Gokou to post, I'm just unable to get into "Gokou" mode right now. I'm hoping that will change when my test is over and I know I passed.

Anyway, I wanted to keep folks informed of what's going on. I know some folks have school and won't be able to post for a bit anyway, while they get through tests and finals and I'm completely cool with that.
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I'll give it a go again. I can't promise I'll post like I used to. You know how busy things are getting with the business, but I'll do my best.

If you find someone else who can devote more time to The Bratling Prince than I can, I will understand if you want to give them a try.