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OOC... Life's been pretty busy.

Okay, I've started working again, and I'm in "Training" now. Readjusting from being a stay at home wife to a working wife. *g*

Anyway, it's the beginning of June and I am thinking of starting the game up again, once I'm settled into working again and all such. Although, if I do pick it up again, I don't want the headaches I went through before, so basically, I'm not going to get on anyone's butt about posting. You police yourselves. However, if you don't post at least once every week or so, you're just out of the game, no questions asked. (Yes, vacation time is different, and if you notify me I'll know and keep your spot open.)

Is anyone interested in starting it up again? If so, leave a reply to this post letting me know you are.

Now is the time to really think if you even want to play. If you find that it's been a big relief not to have to play, that it gave you extra time to do what you wanted, then now would be a good time to say, "you know, it's not for me."

I am willing to run the group on a much smaller scale if necessary. I'm pretty sure we've lost some of the "main" characters we had before, but that doesn't really bother me that much. I've just decided that if I'm going to do this again, it's going to be fun. Not just for the players, but for me as well. I'd rather only have five people in the game that really loved it, then to have 15 people, 10 of whom I have to ride their butts to get them to play.

Okay, that's it folks.
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